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Gadgeteer 0.3.2 Released

Thanks for an amazing release week!

We’re so glad so many people are enjoying our game. Currently, we have 100% positive reviews on Steam and on Reddit!

My personal favorite quote from our release is from Justin over at Virtual Strangers who said this about Gadgeteer,

“My favorite game of the year so far. I like it more than Shadow Legend, or whatever else. I’ve had more fun with this than any other game.”

We’ve also received some fantastic feedback from you. Thank you!

Some suggestions were small but important, which we’ve implemented in this 0.3.2 update (see below). Others were important but larger in scope which will take us more time to tackle (e.x. smooth locomotion).

[0.3.2 – Release Notes]

Known Issues:

  • On some PIMAX headsets, objects that are too close to the player are cut off.
  • Some players cannot load the next level despite completing the previous one.
  • On some WMR headsets, players can’t get past the first segment of the tutorial. If this happens to you, try this fix (we’re fixing this issue right now):
    1. Run regedit.exe
    2. Browse to “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Metanaut\Gadgeteer”
    3. Inside the Gadgeteer key, create a new “DWORD 32-Bit Value” called “mechanicsTutorialComplete_h2170817333″ without the ” ” marks
    4. Edit the DWORD you just created and set its Value to “1” and use “Hexadecimal”

We’re also happy to announce that official Rift support is coming on May 14th! You can still use the Rift now to play our game and everything will work just fine. But we wanted to make some tweaks before saying we’re officially supporting it.

Thanks again for a great release!