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Gadgeteer 0.3.3 Released

This update contains small improvements and bug fixes.

[0.3.3 – Release Notes]

  • Added handy locomotion support for both controllers.
  • Improved Freeze mode tutorial to help players understand Freeze better.
  • Improved phrasing for gated end-of-area levels by adding a label that tells players how many levels they still need to complete before proceeding.
  • Changed the unlocking of the living room and dining room so they’re both unlocked at the same time in Puzzle mode. Removed the invisible wall between the rooms.
  • Tweaked living room in Puzzle mode to prevent players from peeking and spoiling the narrative.
  • Fixed missing sliding door sound from bedroom to study room.
  • Fixed Puzzle’s Freeze mode mini-tutorial bug. Freeze mode no longer disappears after returning from a test state in level 11.

To get small improvements and bug fixes to you quicker, we’ll be releasing minor updates like these as soon as possible. We’ll continue releasing bigger improvements and new additions to the game on Tuesdays (not every Tuesday, only when there are updates to be made).

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