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Gadgeteer 0.3.8 Released – The Doggy Update

Hi everyone,

We launched Gadgeteer on the Quest last week and we’re floored by how many reviews we’ve gotten so far. More and more reviews are coming in and we’re now at almost 100 reviews with nearly all of them being FULL FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Thank you so much for taking the time to review our game 🙂

Some of you (heartless souls) found the dog barking SFX to be too annoying. We’ve removed the dog and have embalmed him into a sandbox machine. I hope you’re all happy

We’ve also optimized the game, refined the locomotion, improved the way new areas of the apartment is unlocked, fixed a bunch of bugs, and a bunch more.

Here’s the full changelog (Quest-only):

[0.3.8 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Gave the barking dog a home. What a good quiet dog! (He is now available as a sandbox machine!)
  • Optimized performance for gadget freeze/unfreeze
  • Added dynamic Fixed Foveated Rendering to improve general gameplay performance and recovery from high-load use
  • Unlocked access to all Puzzle levels for each apartment area. Players can now proceed to the next apartment area if they’re able to complete the last level even without having to complete all levels (in the area)


  • Added FPS warning overlay at the earliest sign of dropped frames for better communication
  • Added environment SFX to Drafting Room for better ambience
  • Added missing translations to in-game text
  • Balanced music volume to SFX volume
  • Changed ‘Time of Day’ icon to reflect the current time of day in any game mode
  • Improved loading screen to face player during startup
  • Removed wrist rotation locomotion to avoid accidental rotations
  • Removed LOD culling to prevent gadgets visually disappearing at low performance or when distant from player

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where moving the left joystick without activating the capacitive sensors wouldn’t activate smooth locomotion
  • Fixed bug where panel buttons wouldn’t highlight when focused on
  • Fixed bug in the tutorial where the button wouldn’t flash when fully filled with green
  • Fixed broken tutorial if the vacuum tool is held active between tutorial steps
  • Fixed cable lighting bug in Puzzle mode. Light will now travel from the final level cube of each room to the central machine

If you’re still on the fence about the game, read the reviews on the Oculus store!

Have a jawsome day