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Gadgeteer PCVR / Quest 0.5.5 Released – “Cubes & Colors Update”

We’re releasing two new gadgets and a toolhead today! This update is available for all versions of Gadgeteer.

Here’s what you can do in this new update:

One suggestion we keep hearing from our players is to include the Start Cube and the End Cube in Sandbox mode. For those who aren’t familiar with what these are, these cubes were only available in the Puzzle Mode. The Start Cube has a pusher to initiate chain reactions, a button to activate the pusher, and a remote control feature that allows players to start their machines (with the pusher) from afar. The End Cube has a button that when pressed by your machine shoots out confetti into the air!

Having both cubes now in the Sandbox mode means you can now quickly and more reliably start your machines while adding a grand finale at the end.



In addition to these new gadgets, we’re adding a new toolhead to the game. We’re calling it the Color Toolhead. Toolheads are what is equipped to players’ controllers. They’re used to grab, clone, delete, and now color gadgets!

You can now use 60+ colors to paint your gadgets, so bring out your inner Picaso!


Here’s the changelog for this update:

[Gadgeteer – 0.5.5 – Release Notes]


  • Added a new toolhead to Sandbox Mode. Use the Color Toolhead to paint your machines using 60+ colors!
  • Added Cube gadgets to Sandbox Mode. Start and end your machines in style, or use them to design your own puzzles (and share them online when the online sharing feature is available). You can also now start your machine remotely with the Start Cube.
  • Added a new Sandbox machine: “Gadgeteer Grand Prix”.
  • Added blinds to the apartment to make it feel more cozy.
  • Added Cube gadgets to pre-loaded Sandbox machines.
  • The Undo button now makes a sound when successfully activated.
  • The Quick Switch button now alternates between the Grabber Toolhead and the last used toolhead.
  • Sandbox mode now places the player at the same ground level as in their last session.


  • Fixed legacy PCVR machines that broke after the 0.4.0 update. Load your old machines for the fix to automatically take place.
  • Fixed colliders on the study window frame to match more accurately with its mesh.


  • Extended the play area to support machine building on the wooden ceiling beams.
  • Complete overhaul of the apartment’s colliders. They’re now as accurate as ever. Also, no more floating dominoes on the floor!
  • Decreased possibility of gadgets to glide in areas where two objects are nearby each other.
  • Adjusted catapult hitbox to prevent accidental activations. Gadgets can now be dropped into the catapult bucket without setting it off.
  • Replaced tab icons on the panel to more accurately describe panel contents.
  • Squash balls no longer appear “blocky” when close to the user.
  • Added additional lights to the apartment for Night mode in Sandbox.
  • Minor visual apartment changes.


Online sharing is available for testing soon! Be the first to test the feature by signing up for the beta here:


As always, don’t forget to join us on:


Enjoy the update!