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Gadgeteer Beta 0.3.6 Released – Player profile support + MixCast support

We’ve added a new feature to support different players playing on the same machine! With Player Profiles, you can now start new puzzle campaigns painlessly. This is great if you have guests over or if you want to tackle puzzles with a fresh start.

You can access this new feature via the desktop UI (see bottom right): gadgeteer player profile desktop ui switch

Press the left/right keys to change profiles or to create new ones: player profile desktop ui switcher

In the near future, we’ll be adding in-game profile switching so you don’t have to take off your headset to make a change.

We’ve also added MixCast support! If you don’t know what MixCast is, here’s a description from their website:

MixCast is the best way to create, share and broadcast mixed reality content to any audience, with almost any equipment, VR app, or filming environment.


[0.3.5 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Added player profiles support
  • Added support for two more languages: French, Danish
  • Added MixCast support


  • Improved loading transitions for a more comfortable experience
  • Minor improvements to environment collisions

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where players were not able to progress in the tutorial if the player spawned gadgets outside of the window
  • Fixed bug where players were able to access the Living Room levels without first completing prerequisite levels


PS: There is also now a secret button in the Main Menu room that unlocks all levels in the game. Try to find it!