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Education in VR

We help K-12 schools and universities adopt VR into their classrooms.

Our Services

We provide two different low-cost services to the education sector in the United States, Canada, and beyond:

Gadgeteer is our VR STEM game for the K-12 classroom.

VR Consulting for Educators to help schools with their VR pedagogical needs.

See below for more information—starting with Gadgeteer.


Build VR contraptions to learn about physics!

Educational / Commercial License

  • Highly rated at 4.7 ★
  • 1 license per device
  • No subscription fees
  • Simple one-time payment for a lifetime license
  • Price is in USD
  • Available on all major VR headsets

Making Physics Fun

Physics is a difficult subject to learn for many students.

Students understand physics better when they are able to apply concepts in a tangible way. By engaging children in fun, hands-on activities like building Rube Goldberg machines, they strengthen their interest and understanding for physics.

Our VR educational game, Gadgeteer, provides elementary and high school students with a highly engaging, educational experience involving simple machines and realistic physics simulations.
Gadgeteer being used in a K-12 physics class. Photo credit: Alexander Johnson.



Virtual contraptions / machines cannot harm students.


Save money by not having to buy countless physical objects and tools.


Eliminates time-consuming preparation work to set up the activity.

No clean up!

No messy clean ups needed and is environmentally friendly.


Puzzle Mode

Solve physics problems with countless solutions per level to support critical thinking.

Sandbox Mode

Promote creativity and discovery by allowing students to build anything they can imagine.

Creator Mode

Create your own challenges to fit into your lesson plans or download new ones online.

Simple Machines and More!

Build chain reaction machines in infinite ways using 120+ gadgets and 3 toolheads.

Educational / Commercial License

  • Highly rated at 4.7 ★
  • 1 license per device
  • No subscription fees
  • Simple one-time payment for a lifetime license
  • Price is in USD
  • Available on all major VR headsets

"The ease of the controls are perfect for my 7 year old and the amount of complexity that you can build with is great for my 11 year old. Highly recommend"

"It's a great thinking and physics learning experience for her (and me)"

"My 14-year-old son has worked on Rube Goldberg projects over the years in school...Thank you to devs for stretching his imagination during this time"

"My students love the challenge that Gadgeteer is now bringing to our VR experience. It is awesome to watch them advance in the app and get excited about learning. Great addition to our learning tool belt!"

"I always wanted to make Rube Goldberg machines as a kid but lacked the materials and space to do so. This app looks like a great way to learn creative problem solving"

"...very impressed and excited about its applications and capabilities"

Gadgeteer is being used across 30+ schools across the world!

VR Consulting for Educators

Feel confident with your VR strategy & deployment

VR Consultation

We help K-12 schools and universities adopt virtual reality into their classrooms.

Our team has been providing professional VR consultation services to schools since 2017. We've helped countless educational institutions set up their VR devices. We also help curate the best educational VR content so that our clients make the best use of their headsets.

We've even helped schools win innovation awards!
Helping an undergraduate student set up a VR booth.

Hire us for your institution

Why Us?

Unrivaled Experience

Our firm has been providing VR services to schools longer than most studios. You can trust in our VR expertise.

Teaching Background

All of our services are provided by staff who have VR/AR teaching backgrounds and who are parents. We understand your little bosses!


We believe educational technology is important and should be available for everyone. We offer our services at a lower cost than other firms.

Tailored to You

Pick and choose what you need from us. We won't force you into services you don't need.

VR Educational Services

Headset Management

We help you set up your headsets with mobile device management (MDM) software that's made for VR. This will allow you to do several important things:

• Restrict access to specific apps (students won't be able to launch a biology app during physics class).

• Prevent the installation of unauthorized apps (students won't be able to install any malicious programs or games without the educator's knowledge).

• Manage compliance with COPPA, FERPA, PPRA, and other student protection regulations.

• Install and manage apps in bulk to save time.

• Show battery life and remaining disk space across all devices from a web portal (this helps to make sure all devices are ready for students).

Curation of VR Educational Content

New virtual reality content for schools come out regularly but they're hard to find! We help curate the best educational VR experiences based on your unique pedagogical needs.

VR Pedagogy & Teaching Strategies

Immersive learning can greatly benefit students and teachers but it requires VR know-how. We take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to develop the best strategies to maximize results.


In certain cases, a school may want to hire an in-house technology expert. We have experience hiring technology professionals at a university level and can assist with the hiring process, including conducting interviews.

VR Training

We help train your staff on the ins-and-outs of using virtual reality in the classroom. We help to prevent any safety issues and common mistakes before they happen to your students and teachers.

Headset Screen Casting

Without headset screen casting, educators are not able to see what their students see in their VR headsets. We help set up screen casting so that teachers can better help and engage with their students.

General Consulting

Need help with something that's not listed above? We have a wide breadth of knowledge so reach out to us!

Hire us for your institution

University students we've helped in the past.