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Gadgeteer mixed reality (MR) mode

Gadgeteer Now Has a Mixed Reality Mode! Available For Beta Testing

Gadgeteer is our studio’s first wholly-owned IP and so it will always have a special place in our hearts!

Our last game update was all the way back in 2022 and today, we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing a public beta test of the MIXED REALITY (MR) mode for Gadgeteer—only available for Quest Pro, Quest 3 and later devices.

This mode will be entirely FREE for owners of the game.

You can join the BETA distribution channel to gain access to this early build here:

Your feedback is very much appreciated especially since mixed reality is still pretty new tech! You can submit your feedback via the built-in feedback submission method in your Quest headset (see this video from Meta) or you can submit your bugs to our Discord channel:

Once we complete our beta test, we’ll get this new feature ready for widespread release closer to the end of the year.

Hope you enjoy the new update!

Changelog – v1.1.79


  • New mixed reality (MR) mode!
  • Increased texture resolution for Quest 3 devices


  • Certain meshes used to flicker. They’re fixed now

Known Issues

  • English text is being used in the MR-related panels regardless of the chosen language
  • In a multi-boundary but same home scenario (ex. kitchen and living room boundaries are beside each other), when walking into a different boundary while in the home environment and launching the MR mode, the app will ask for a new scan even if one exists already
  • Metronome bar position is not being saved in the save files
  • If user denies the OS’ spatial permissions prompt 2+ times, the app will no longer be able to ask for permissions again (OS limitation)
  • Rescanning and then reentering the scene without changing scene mesh will cause gadgets to emit their SFXs
  • Scene planes are not currently supported meaning some surfaces are not perfectly flat