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Gadgeteer 1.0.5 Patch Released

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce our first post 1.0 patch!

The most important bugfix is the issue of the Start Cube pusher not reliably pushing over the first domino in the tutorial and certain levels for headsets running on 144Hz, such as the Valve Index.

Here’s the full changelog:

[Gadgeteer – 1.0.5 – Release Notes]


  • Applied new freeze visual effects to original core gadgets. Previously only available for newer household gadgets. It really makes the pastel wonder of machine ID #036772 pop!

  • Updated how gadget SFXs are emitted to improve performance and sound. You can hear the difference really well in the ‘Water Slide Fun’ machine ID #802596


  • Fixed critical issue for headsets running on 144Hz by revising the Start Cube pusher for certain levels in the Puzzle and Tutorial so that they push over the first domino more reliably

  • Gadget library is no longer restricted by the last played Puzzle machine when switching during the Test/Broken state to a (different) Sandbox machine

  • Gadgets in the Home room are properly removed from the scene after a game mode has been selected in the Home room

  • Fixed headsets clipping through walls if head is too close to the wall

  • Removed texture artifacts on the ping pong ball


  • Restored the panel closing SFX

  • Added SFXs for each increment/decrement of gadget restrictions in the library panel in Puzzle Designer

  • The game now briefly pauses physics processing during FPS warnings

  • Removed weird looking reflections for the photo frame, saucepan, bowling ball, mallet and wrench gadgets

  • Players didn’t look at their non-dominant hand for tutorial labels during certain portions of the tutorial. Certain tutorial labels now appear in front of the player, guiding them to look at their non-dominant hand

  • Improved catapult’s trigger reliability

  • Improved level of detail (LOD) for small ball gadgets so they don’t look as blocky when players are close to the ball

  • Reduced the unintentional rotational friction on gadgets that spin for Oculus Quest devices. This was caused by our earlier performance improvements involving sleep thresholds


Enjoy the update and don’t forget to join our Discord and follow our Twitter account for cool user-made machine showcases!