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Here’s a basic interaction in Ruberg: Glueing things onto the wall

A good chain reaction machine is multi-dimensional. The chain reaction moves on top of surfaces, but it also travels vertically.

There’s something special when gravity is used to assist the continuation of a ruberg.


It’s for this reason, we’ve added the ability to glue any gadget onto a static surface such as furnitures and walls in the level.

The ability needed to be easy to use and allows for quick actions. We didn’t want players to have to perform rote interactions for something they may be doing often and in succession.

Here’s what we came up with,

This is how it works:

  • Quick glue mode by toggling with the top trackpad button
  • Simply toggle-on the ‘glue mode’ and grab a gadget to put against a wall or furniture to glue

Let us know what you think on our reddit thread:

PS: We’ve updated our controller models! Also, an alpha demo will be coming shortly.