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Mentorship with STORYHIVE – Canada’s Largest VR Film Community

For many content creators, telling stories with virtual reality is a dream just out of reach. VR headsets are expensive and so are the computers required to run it—not to mention experiencing a narrative in VR is completely different from experiencing it on 2D screens; thus, sharing a story in the medium requires you to throw away traditional methods of storytelling—it’s a daunting task for even the most experienced filmmaker to produce a VR film.

Which is why when Telus (one of Canada’s largest telecom companies) approached us with their STORYHIVE program we were ecstatic to say the least!

Finally! A chance for the talented storytelling community of Vancouver (and across British Columbia and Alberta) to flex their creative muscles in bringing engaging immersive stories to VR film. And most importantly, Telus is putting down half a million dollars ($520,000 to be exact) in funding awarded teams!

Here’s a short description about STORYHIVE from their website:

STORYHIVE has funded productions, supported filmmakers with mentorship and support from the National Screen Institute and brought hundreds of films to life online and around the world.

We’ve funded, supported and brought hundreds of films to life online and to audiences around the world. And we’re just getting started. Whether you’re just beginning your career, or you’ve shot thousands of hours of film and want to bring your dream project to life, STORYHIVE is here to help. Our goal is to celebrate your ideas and development with funding, distribution and support from TELUS to help BC and Alberta creators move their career goals ahead.

3 Stages of STORYHIVE Immersive edition: 1. Pitch & Plan | 2. Adjudicate + Award | 3. Learn + Create

How STORYHIVE Immersive Edition Works

STORYHIVE has always been an ongoing initiative from TELUS, but for the first time ever, they’re bringing VR into the mix and they’ve picked Vancouver as the place to start.

Panoramic view of downtown Vancouver from the Telus Garden building during the orientation event.

Photo taken at orientation event involving all awarded teams and mentors

The orientation event involving all awarded teams and mentors

So why are we telling you this?

We’re honored to say we sit on the moderations team, tasked with sifting through a hundred and more applicants. We’re also mentors to the awarded teams, providing VR design and VR storytelling insights to talented filmmakers.

Teams are now well into their production phase and will be presenting their immersive stories on Aug 7, 2018. Stay tuned on STORYHIVE’s Immersive Edition Page for news.

13 awarded teams of the 2018 STORYHIVE Immersive Edition

13 awarded teams of the 2018 STORYHIVE Immersive Edition

With our mentorship at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and now TELUS’ STORYHIVE, we here at Metanaut are happy to be contributing back to Vancouver’s VR community!