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Gadgeteer is now available on PlayStation VR (PS4 / PS5)

Hello everyone! We’re proud to announce that Gadgeteer—our Rube Goldberg machine game—has released on PlayStation VR (PS4 / PS5)!

Buy Gadgeteer ($14.99) on the PlayStation Store!

At Metanaut, we’ve always been tinkerers (that’s why we make games!). Whether it’s The Incredible Machine (on MS-DOS) or climbing across our living rooms with chutes and marbles in tow, these contraptions have always inspired us to build just a little higher. With Gadgeteer, we wanted to recreate that same sense of wonder for everyone.

Play Your Way: Standing or Sitting

Supporting both standing and sitting playstyles is important to us. On Playstation 4 & 5, tactile makers can reach for their machines with the Move controllers while relaxed folks can sit back with the DualShock 4 or DualSense.

Whichever style you choose, Gadgeteer is all about possibilities. Before we get into the game’s features, here are five of our favorite player-made machines found in the “Online Sharing Mode” to spark the imagination.

Five of Our Favorite Player-Made Machines

Machine # 406834

Creator: Tyraneus

Tyraneus has shown us how to use one of the most exciting gadgets, the catapult, in this simple but fast-moving machine. By positioning the trigger of each catapult to be struck by a marble flung by a previous catapult, they have created a super satisfying series of flying marbles.


Machine # 622473

Creator: frankarne.knoth


Gadgeteer is all about using the environment in creative ways. One of our players, frankarne.knoth, has taken full advantage of this by having this giant multicolored machine run across the ceiling beams and into every nook and cranny of the apartment’s ceiling! An incredible display of using the lesser-used space in creative ways. 


Machine # 036772

Creator: SMOG[2316]


This massive machine made by SMOG[2316] shows to what scale these machines can reach. The machine launches a cascade of multicolored marbles down a giant spiraling series of colorful tracks towering from ceiling to floor. 


Machine # 242905

Creator: CalvinBall


This delightfully minimalistic machine by CalvinBall actually powers itself! A strategic seesaw is placed at the bottom of each run that when struck by a marble, will cause another marble to be released. This will repeat for as many marbles are placed at the start! 


Machine # 135185



You’ve seen machines made by other players but did you know you can solve puzzles made by others as well? This puzzle by RegularKansasMan requires you to perfectly time the movement of two plungers to catch a problematic tennis ball, allowing a marble to fit into the tunnel and hit the end button.

Game Features

For newcomers to VR or aspiring builders, “Puzzle Mode” is the perfect starting point. This mode features 60 levels and 50 gadgets to build with—taking you from simple domino runs to wall-scaling machines. Need more? Puzzles made by the Gadgeteer community across all VR platforms are available to you (and boy have there been some mind benders) in the“Online Sharing Mode”.

That said, Gadgeteer is just as much about creating as it is consuming. In “Maker Mode”, the entire playspace opens up and becomes your canvas. We’ve added additional gadgets in this mode giving you a total of ~100 gadgets to elevate your work to new heights (literally). Whether it’s a puzzle, a marble race track, or a catapult assembly—anything you make can be shared online.


Create Your Dream Machine!

Ready to get started?

Buy Gadgeteer ($14.99) on the PlayStation Store!

Don’t forget to post your machines on Discord, Reddit, or Twitter

Thanks everyone, we’re so excited to see what the PlayStation community creates!